Robotics Researcher

Iure Rosa

About me

I am a highly motivated and accomplished professional with a strong focus on applying artificial intelligence in the field of mobile robotics. With expertise in developing innovative solutions, I have a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in this domain. My skill set includes advanced knowledge of machine learning algorithms, computer vision techniques, and path planning algorithms, which enable me to design and implement intelligent systems for mobile robots.

Throughout my career, I have successfully applied my skills to tackle various problems in mobile robotics. In addition to my technical expertise, I am a strong collaborator and effective communicator. I have worked closely with multidisciplinary teams, including engineers and researchers, to develop comprehensive solutions for real-world challenges in mobile robotics. My ability to communicate complex concepts and ideas in a clear and concise manner has facilitated seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members.

Overall, my passion for applying artificial intelligence in mobile robotics, combined with my expertise in machine learning, computer vision, and path planning algorithms, makes me a valuable asset in developing advanced and efficient robotic systems. I am committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field and continuously expanding my skills to drive innovation in the realm of mobile robotics.

  • Iure Rosa
  • May 1st, 1998
  • 25 Years
  • Viçosa, MG Brazil
  • +55 (75) 9 9232 4282
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I'm Looking for

Robotics Researcher

In my robotics research work, I specialize in reinforcement learning algorithms. I conduct cutting-edge research to enhance the decision-making capabilities of robots and have contributed to the field by publishing research papers and presenting findings at prestigious conferences. In this field, I am also open to industrial projects and PhD Student opportunities.

AI Engineer

As an AI engineer, I hope design and develop AI solutions to address complex problems across diverse domains. I leverage state-of-the-art machine learning models and algorithms to optimize performance and accuracy, collaborating with cross-functional teams to integrate AI technologies into existing systems and drive efficiency and innovation.

Data Architect

As a data architect, I hope design and implement scalable and robust data architectures for large-scale projects. I define data strategies and best practices to ensure data quality, security, and accessibility, collaborating with stakeholders to identify business requirements and design data solutions that support effective decision-making and analysis.

My Projects

Education & Skills

  • 2023-2024
    MSc Student in Computer Science

    Federal University of Viçosa

  • 2017-2022
    BSc in Electrical Engineering

    Federal University of Viçosa

  • 2020-2021
    Reinforcement Learning Specialization

    University of Alberta on Coursera

  • 2020-2021
    Robotics Specialization

    University of Pennsylvania on Coursera

  • 2021
    Machine Learning

    Stanford University on Coursera

Professional Skills

  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Robotics
  • Research
  • Intelligent Vehicles
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Architecture

Contact me

I am currently looking for new opportunities in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

  • LABENGE - Engineering LAB. Av. dos Lagos - Bela Vista, Viçosa - MG, 36570-000.
  • +55 (75) 9 9232 4282